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Please come and join Melty Lovers!

For anyone curious as to why I chose this name, the community name is a combination of their first major single and biggest hit "Melty Love" and the name of their official fan club, LOVERS.

What you will find there so far:
Complete SHAZNA discography & videography*
Complete IZAM discography & videography*
IZAM acting credits
Member profiles
A brief band history

*These are text only atm

I will be updating as often as possible with news and information, graphics, and uploads. Members are also encouraged to share and contribute any information, graphics, etc. that they wish.

So, if you want to be part of a SHAZNA fan community that is active and run by a very dedicated comm-mommy, please come join Melty Lovers!


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Shazna item for sale! [22 Jan 2008|11:42am]

I have the First Press Edition of Gold Sun and Silver Moon

for sale at my journal HERE!

Please take a look if you are interested! Thank you!
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Icons! [22 Sep 2007|05:01am]
Seven icons of adorably androgynous jrock band SHAZNA.

[o1] Niy
[o2] Izam
[o2] Group
[o1] AOI and Niy
[o1] AOI

Onward to the rest! Watch partyfoul_icons for future updates. It keeps your buttocks firm.

Cross-posted to icons.
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cds and boxes of goods [09 Jul 2007|07:05pm]

Pictures are behind the cut. (as of right now I'm trying to get them to upload, they'll be up by 8 PM EST).

All prices are negotiable OBO... I'm moving to China and want to get rid of stuff!

I'd prefer to sell the stuff by the bunch, so the more you buy, the more willing I am to give you discounts. ^_^

I'll ship within two days of receiving payment, and I prefer well-concealed cash or checks.
SHAZNA Gold Sun and Silver Moon special edition 2-CD album, with all original inserts (photobook, mini cd, etc). good condition.

SHAZNA melty love. good. doesnt come with the stickers, sorry!

SHAZNA white silent night. good.

SHAZNA sumire september love. good.

IZAM me?hitomi tojite. good.

Shazna LAVENDER COLOR goods box. Includes in a pretty box: a poster, a huge photobook, a face towel in a plastic shazna pouch, signed photo boards of each member, a VHS with 4 PVs, a hanging tag, a sticker, and four postcards.

Shazna SILENT BEAUTY goods box. Includes decal/sticker things, a shazna ribbon, a pencil board, folder, very pink t-shirt in probably a men's large, hard back photobook, post cards, pencil bag with eraser, keychain, and pencil with stamp, playing cards, cell phone holder, and VHS with 4 PVs including sumire september love, which is really funny.

Shazna Fantasia photobook. Good condition with original obi. Lots of full color photos of the guys.
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[02 May 2007|11:16pm]

Would some one please upload the mp3 of アイリス for me! thanks a million!!!!
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Kokoro Single [25 Apr 2007|04:45pm]

So anyone know where to buy Kokoro other than Amazon Japan? I tried cdjapan and hmv but they don't carry it.
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uuuaahh @-@ i need songs.. [16 Mar 2007|09:08pm]

ive been in this community for a little while, but i never posted anything. i feel horrible now.

i was wondering,
if anyone out there was kind enough to send me all or most of their Shazna songs! ;_;
i only have Melty Love, Piece of Love, September Love, SWEET HEART MEMORY, and white silent night... im gonna cry soon xD (cause limewire died, eMule downloads NEVAR work, and the net barely has anything thats easy enough for me to find.. oh and singingfish is down too -_- )

soo yeah. if you're yousending it, please mail me about it. or if you're sendspace/megauploading it, no need.
or you can IM me. my aolIM is Soramimi Cakey, msn is airangni@hotmail.. i am always on :3


(edit) i am also too poor and unemployed to buy their shtuff >_< and my mom nor my mom's boyfriend has a cred card. nawuidnwaiu k done :33
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Giant Izam CM [20 Jan 2007|01:58pm]
Here I have that commercial where Izam is a giant and skips around town xD I love it and wish I had my own giant Izam. Anyways, here it is for anyone who would like it, enjoy. ^_^

Giant Izam :O
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Dizziness [18 Jan 2007|08:05pm]
Hey, I was wondering if anyone here had the PV and/or mp3 of the song Dizziness. I saw it on YouTube and have grown attached to it but can't seem to get my hands on either -___-

Thanks in advance :)
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[11 Dec 2006|08:06pm]

I've no idea if this community yet lives, but it seemed the place to go for this question:

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Hiiiii!!!! [02 Sep 2006|12:15am]

[ mood | dorky ]

Hi, I was wondering if someone would be nice enough to upload Izam's Koishite kura kura and Shazna's Sumire september love in mp3 format. thanks a bunch!!!!!

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[27 Aug 2006|12:01am]
Hi, everyone!

Okay. Adult Swim has started airing 'Crayon Shin-chan', like, tonight and I was wondering if any of you had information regarding Izam's cameo in the anime.

Read more...Collapse )

I'm really, really curious as to how the dubbers and such are going to approach that particular scene. Does anyone know what the context of it was in the raw Japanese? And which episode is this? Thoughts in general?

The picture is so damn cute!
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Hello [23 Jul 2006|01:54pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi my name is melanie. i just recently got into Shazna and became more interested in Izam. so im new to both the band and the community =D but i was wondering what shanza/izam pictures were out there, because it has been very difficult to find any pictures. would anyone be willing to share???

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IZAM pics [18 Jul 2006|04:43pm]
I offer these scans from IZAM's solo CD booklet. Sorry the pictures aren't the best qaulity, my old computer hates me. ^___^

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