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"We live and breathe Izam because he makes us smile :D"

That above there is how this community started with [with previous moderator nocturnalopera].

Izam is kind of hard to follow in my opinion now that he's not as active in the music world but I love Izam and SHAZNA...and the joy they bought. The very rare joy they can bring, and only they've seemed to bring as a visual band. It was nice to have things more on the happier side for once. Let's keep this community alive with all we can and obsess over Izam once again!! solo or SHAZNA or the Izam we know now. I'm sure all Izam fans will be happy to know his current activities in the media in Japan these days so let's help eachother keep up with information and of course his new image(s). (^-^);;


  • Post pics, thoughts/questions, fanart, news, scans, mp3s/pvs/cms [through yousendit.com], info, resources, etc.

  • Introductions of members are welcomed and encouraged!! v(^-^);

  • Remember the idea of communities are to keep eachother updated, help eachother and eventually make some new friends, so PLAY NICE.

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